Voucher schools take

Voucher schools take advantage of the bigger teacher labor market by hiring younger teachers with no promise of permanent employment. They can run their schools with lower salaries and minimal benefits. This “cheap labor’ results in eroding the status and prestige of the teaching profession, thus discouraging bright, talented candidates from selecting the teaching profession as a career of choice..

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Low cost American energy is essential for economic growth, competition in the global marketplace, and job creation. Needs an all of the above energy policy to get our economy booming again, add good paying American jobs, and finally achieve North American energy independence. Coal, wind, natural gas, solar, nuclear, geothermal, hydro, and oil all play an important role in powering our economy and should be part of an all of the above approach to energy policy.

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I hardly ever played after leaving the Air Force but I enjoy watching the top professionals play poker on Utube. There a lot of drama when two wholesae jerseys guys stare at each other with a million dollars in the pot. I studied what they did. By failing to address housing affordability, prioritising investors and allowing rates of foreign ownership to rise the government is selling out young Australians, and our parents are letting them. The generation that had everything going for them, has turned their back on Millennials, and rubbed salt into the wound, by telling us to “toughen up”. The irony is not lost on young people, when older generations complain about anyone making retrospective changes to their superannuation.