VICS can assist private clients seeking to establish private mutual funds as tax effective collective investment entities in a number of jurisdictions. We can also arrange for overseas independent fund administration services for mutual funds and other investment holding entities.
As we offer a number of jurisdictions for collective investment structures, we take an objective and independent approach to the evaluation of the alternative jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions, such as Mauritius, are better suited to the private or professional mutual fund, whereas Singapore entities may be more suitable for publicly subscribed investment funds. For some investment structures, access to a tax treaty network may be critical to the economic success of the investment fund. In most other cases simplicity of administration may be the primary consideration.

Our services in the formation of private mutual funds and other collective
investment structures include:

  • Evaluation of alternative fund structures and jurisdictions.
  • Incorporation or registration of the fund entity.
  • Incorporation and registration of the fund management or administration company.
  • Assist in the preparation of the investor memorandum or offering document.
  • Preparation and filing of the fund registration or licence application.
  • Review fund documentation and investment management agreements.
  • Formulate operational policies and procedures.
  • Opening of fund bank accounts.

Fund administration services from authorized service providers include,
where appropriate:

  • Transactional administration including processing subscriptions, redemptions, non-trade transactions, unit or share transfers, and operation of bank accounts.
  • Attend to statutory corporate and fund compliance including CDD.
  • Maintenance of financial and accounting records.
  • Periodically calculate net asset value and report to fund manager or investors.
  • Maintain share or unit registers and statutory corporate records.
  • Prepare annual financial statements in accordance with required international accounting and reporting standards, and co-ordination of annual audit.

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