Private Client Services

Venture International Corporate Services (“VICS”) understand how important it is to offer personalised service to our private clients while providing sound, trustworthy corporate services.
Furthermore, we believe that wealth and long-term asset protection planning should be an essential component in the development of financial strategies for all who have achieved, or aspire to attain, independent financial success and for those who are fortunate to have inherited family wealth.
Modern day financial strategic planning is incomplete without due consideration of wealth protection issues.
The complex world of today has provided outstanding opportunities for wealth creation, both in the emerging markets and the developed world. In many instances that “new” wealth, and the more established “old” wealth, is now being passed on to the next generation. Unfortunately over the past two decades there has been a progressive escalation of risk factors adversely affecting the creation, retention and inheritance of wealth.
Unless proper techniques of wealth protection are applied, much of what has been created may be lost or significantly reduced in coming years through the failure of benefactors and their advisors to take the appropriate steps to protect the asset base.
VICS offers a specialised service in wealth protection planning focused primarily around the use of entities based in international finance centres. We assist our clients and associates to develop appropriate asset protection strategies to preserve wealth. When it is necessary to consider domestic legal issues we work closely with specialist outside legal counsel.
For clients residing in or investing into countries with highly litigious legal systems or a high level of commercial or political risk, we offer an international wealth protection service to meet your challenging needs.
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Private Trust Companies.

Within the limitation of trust legislation in Singapore, we are able to help clients address private trust company issue, with the experience and qualification of a qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).
A Private Trust Company is a corporation formed for the express and sole purpose of acting as the trustee of a specific trust or group of trusts for connected parties. It does not otherwise carry on business as a trustee company. In such a situation as the family office context the private trust company forms the nucleus of the family wealth management function. The board of directors of the private trust company will normally comprise both family members and family advisors or professional trustees, as appropriate.
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Private Foundations.

Private foundations are a very important component when structuring the ownership of a family and corporate assets and are particularly important where trusts are generally not requested or appropriate. They are in many respects similar to corporate entities but afford protection and continuity derived from their status as autonomous entities that can exist for their own sake, unlike a trust in any cases.
Practical uses include:

  • Holding assets which can held for the benefit of many generations
  • Assets preservation
  • Maintenance of corporate control
  • Charitable purposes
  • Separation of voting and economic benefits
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Employee share option schemes
  • Avoidance of forced heir-ship rules
  • Private Pension Funds
  • Art collections

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