I should also add that

A young organizer named John Lewis spoke at the march of living “in constant fear of a police state.” He would suffer more. On March 7, 1965, Lewis and his colleague Hosea Williams led marchers across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala. They were met by mounted state troopers who would fracture Lewis’ skull.

If it the former, you don know jack squat about what you playing. One piece of advice; kayuh pelan pelan yeah! If it the latter, it is in fairly poor tempo and shows little effort for the people who written it. I all for using humor as a coping mechanism.

RAY: And by the way, Gary, if your kid is unlucky enough to get sent back for another tour of duty, try this: Put some gasoline stabilizer, like Sta Bil, in the tank before parking the car for a year. That’ll keep the gasoline from going bad. Or better yet, have him sell the car before he goes.

Dr. Sabow provides support and convincing arguments that Colonel Sabow was clubbed to death in his backyard and then shot in the head with his own shotgun to suggest suicide. The motive for the murder was to stop Colonel Sabow from exposing criminal weapons and drug smuggling from and to military bases[1]..

LANDLORDS: The Madison Police Department works closely with downtown landlords, who are fed up with expensive damage costs associated with drunken conduct every May. Your lease likely contains language forbidding you from having large amounts of alcohol in your apartment. If you choose to have a house party and are cited by MPD you will likely be responsible for an additional fine from your landlord.

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I should also add that I then recognised the scammers when on a later date they returned to the store, on a different weekday and time of day, and attempted the same thing on a third colleague, and I was able to intervene in the transaction, by acting as though I was a senior member of staff overseeing my colleague, and was able to prevent them scamming us a third time. I think my colleague on that occasion was a bit mystified about my intervention at first, but was very grateful afterwards when we had a chance to talk. I mention this because these sorts of scammers are persistent and will try the same businesses multiple times if their scam succeeds there the first time, and will just vary the weekday and time of day in the hope of their being a different cashier to target.