Family Office

Wealth preservation

A key factor in private client wealth planning is the development and management of a plan for the passing of wealth to successive generations. Such a plan will require a consideration of issues such as:

  • Wealth preservation or asset protection
  • Management of the ongoing wealth accumulation process
  • Inheritance and income tax planning
  • Business succession (where applicable)
  • Maintaining harmonious family relationships
  • Philanthropy (if applicable)
  • Family income needs

Formulating and managing this aspect of the family wealth planning process can be both time consuming and stressful to family members. The Family Office concept was originally conceived to serve the needs of the ultra high net worth European and North American families. Over recent years the concept has expanded to encompass multi-Family Offices and professional Family Office services.
VICS offers a comprehensive Family Office service to high net worth individuals and families. These services include the development of an overall strategic plan or “blueprint” for the management of family wealth, the creation of the family asset ownership structure, estate and succession planning, co-ordination and supervision of the asset management function, day to day financial administration and compliance, and the formation and management of philanthropic entities. We do not engage in any financial advisory services, but work with licensed, qualified advisors retained by our clients.
VICS Family Office service includes the formation and management of private trust companies, as previously referred to, together with the alternative of a Private Trust Companies
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